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As a child during the Monday to Friday slog, getting up early in the morning for school seemed impossible. Yet come Saturday morning this would suddenly no longer be a problem. Children up and down the United Kingdom would spring out of bed, skip downstairs, turn on the TV and settle down for some good old-fashioned Saturday Morning TV.

Do you remember all of these?

  • Tiswas
  • Multi-Coloured Swap Shop
  • Saturday Superstore
  • Going Live
  • Live and Kicking
  • The Saturday Show
  • No. 73
  • Motormouth
  • SM:TV
  • Saturday Shake Up
  • Saturday Banana
  • Diggit

You can probably remember the phone numbers to call in on the show too? Going Live was the memorable 081 811 8181, and Noel Edmonds drilled 01 811 8055 into a generation of youngsters. “And don’t forget the ‘01’ if you’re outside London.”

What all of us wouldn’t do just to wake up one morning and be able to watch Gordon the Gopher again. Saturday morning TV we miss you.

Can someone hurry up with making that time machine please; I’m keen to swing my pants for Trevor and Simon again.

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By Tom Greaney